SEO tips 2021

What will be the new Google and SEO trends for 2021? How important is the strengh of your website linkprofile less or become more important for 2021?
And Google voice trends for mobile users?

My name is Mathe Hoogeboom, more than 18 years the SEO specialist in the Netherlands. My SEO agency follows always the Google Guidelines meaning only whit hat SEO.

Search engine optimization increase website visitors and verry effective more online business. To build your website authority and popularity is not over night and will need some time. Main thing to provide quality content for your audience en strengh your linkprofile by high metrics backlinks.

You can check each link and website with MOZ DA checker, And Ahrefs Popularity checker and not at least check your majestics trustworthness based on TF trust flow. Note: All scores are relative and compare to your online competitors.
I would like to...
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